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My top 5 places to Unwind + Unplug in the USA

travel Sep 19, 2022

As restrictions really begin to ease and borders open up to all, why not start making those daydreams a reality. While sitting in meditation on the daily is everything to me, there are those times when you need a full reboot of the system. These places below are where I went to do just that. Especially when I was in the thick of it, like walking away from my company and giving myself the chance to let go. You know those little things in life!

Take some time to think about what you want from your next adventure. Take the whole list or simply be inspired and really allow yourself the space to think about what do you need to re-boot your system.

This list covers it all, from completely free to luxury. 

Wherever you are in your life, all of these places have provided me with a sanctuary every time I show up. These are the places where I feel most at ease, where I see my shoulders drop away from my ears and I feel as light as when I am in my own meditation practice at home.

None of these locations are even aware of my little secret list. I get nothing for sharing these names, oh just that massive joy that you might enjoy one of these places as much as me someday. I want some pics when you do finally get there!


1. Dragon Fly Yoga Barn

(North Sandwich, NH) dragonflyyogabarn.com

A magical location amongst the tress of New Hampshire. 

That hidden gem you are always searching for, this is it!

Not only has this husband + wife team created the most beautiful sanctuary by bringing old barns back to life, they are kick-ass cooks as well.

They offer retreats on there property to all round the world. I went to India with Katie and oh my gosh, game changer! Katie also offers drop-in classes in her yoga barn.

Katie is a wealth of knowledge with a hug that seems to make everything better


2. Mohonk

(New Paltz, NY)  mohonk.com

When my family brought me to this place before I arrived I didn’t think much. Well my parentswere bringing me, right. And then you pull up. Your jaw drops and you feel as though the clouds part and it is one of the most beautiful locations you rest your eyes upon.Founded by the Smiley Family in 1869, this Victorian castle resort is nestled in the Hudson Valley, only 90 miles north of New York City. Surrounded by 40,000 acres of pristine forest. Not only is the landscape truly magical, food delightful, but they offer FREE meditation classes. In fact it is a core aspect of there wellness program. Need I say more!



3. Gloucester, Massachusetts


This small coastal town is near and dear to my heart and where my love affair with the ocean began. When I started to make changes in life, while still owning a restaurant in Boston I rented a home in Glosta (as the locals say it) and for the first time in my life began to understand the meaning of living a simple and mindful life. I didn’t even mind the commute because each day when I arrived over the bridge I could feel the smile appear on my face. From endless nature walks, to history, local musicians and a community where everyone is sure to learn your name. A day trip or weekend is a must. You might end up like me and move there!

If you can break away from lounging outside, a massage at Saltwater Massage is an absolute must! Please tell the beautiful Gretchen I say Hi! (saltwatermassage.com)



4. Kriplau

(Lenox, MA)  kripalu.org

Some of the best things can be right in your backyard. It only took me over 20 years to find this gem. Of course I was no longer living down the road but I made the drive from Boston multiple times a year to attend a course or retreat. I also made some life long friends. Every time I showed up I left my phone in the car. This was the space to sign-off and sign-in with yourself. In my eyes Kriplau is the Mother-Ship of all things retreats. From yoga, meditation, ayurveda, dance, nature, nutrition and napping. I also really appreciate the amazing range of pricing to accommodate all that are eager to attend from bunking with a like minded rockstar to those luxury feels when you want to treat yourself.



5. Esalen

(Big Sur, CA)  www.esalen.org

Throw your bag in the room and walk straight towards the cliff edge. STOP please. And take in the beauty of Big Sur and a location that not many people get to experience in a life time. If that’s all you do during your visit while eating yummy food it will be worth it. Perched looking over the Big Sur coastline this not-for-profit holistic educational center has an amazing range of class offerings. And if you are not sold yet, the breathtaking views you will encounter while in the clothing optional hot springs is bound to have you floating in pure rest + relaxation.


Don’t forget to send me some pics once you get there, or better yet tag me in a post and make sure #shareyourpause


Ok, then put the phone away and enjoy yourself.

I would love to hear from you! What are some of your favorite hidden gems?


Take the time to-





With love - Alexis