I'm here to help you be...  

It's time.


Self-care is a practice, not an indulgence.

Mindful living for the modern being.
Increase your confidence & awareness by getting connected back to yourself.

If not now, then when?

We spend a lot of our time caring for other people and putting our dreams on the back burner because we feel like we have to. I call BS.

You can start enjoying life, without the guilt and shame, right now. It's probably gonna be uncomfortable- it's supposed to be. You'll be shedding layers that no longer serve you.

But you don't have to do it alone. Discover more about the project.

Be the company that does things differently...


Mindful living can transform a company. Increased awareness will boost team cohesion while energizing and de-stressing your workforce.

Reduce your employee stress by introducing office mindfulness customized specifically for your workplace online or in-person. Learn more about this program.

Alexis' why...


Alexis had a very successful career as a Restauranteur in the United States for over 12 years. From Food + Wine to GQ magazine she carved out her niche quite well.

But building a multi-million dollar business in her 20’s took a toll on her mental health. She decided to sell her company and went on a solo quest throughout the world studying various forms of mindful living and meditation. Her goal was to have a better understanding of who she was and how to create balance with success. 

The tools, degrees, and trainings that she had gained throughout her life all came together when she landed in Australia. 

She soon realized that she had a gift to help others prevent the burnout she experienced. With her no bs teachings, her clients are gaining a new level of confidence, increased focus, decrease stress levels, and profound changes in the life they want to live.