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Sitting for a Pause

how to meditate learn meditation meditation tips Sep 19, 2022
Meditating in a field of gold

Sit your way!

Meditation can help, if you are actually comfortable.

Approachable ways to sit during a mediation that might actually allow you to meditate. A chance to stop thinking you need to look like what you see in the magazines and social media. How about over 10 ways to be comfortable, all without spending a dollar?

How many of you have this idea about what meditation should look like?

From books to advertisement the world has painted a pretty clear image of how meditation should appear. Close your eyes after reading this paragraph. What do you see when you think of how to meditate? Maybe a pretty person sitting cross-legged on some fancy cushion, by the ocean with branded activewear or surrounded by beautiful mountains and trees maybe wearing robes or some sort of flowing like clothes.

But what about the rest of us?

I am pretty sure my pyjamas (that don’t match), hair sitting on top of my head, my unbrushed teeth and sitting in a kitchen chair aren’t going to make the cover of Time Magazine.

Guess what, I am comfortable.

And with that comfort comes the space to actually meditate.

To not spend my entire twenty minutes fidgeting and thinking about how I am sitting. It’s hard enough to find the time to sit and be quiet. Don’t allow comfort or this idea of comfort to be one of the reasons you don’t show up for yourself.

So now that you have this fantastic image of me each morning meditating. Let’s talk about all the wonderful options that are out there. All of which are FREE and most likely already exist in your home.

1. Sitting upright during Meditation

So this will be for many the most effective way for you to stay present in your meditation but its not the “right” way. It’s one of many options. Allowing your spine to have some length might only feel good for some of us.

Let’s look at all the ways you can sit upright:
  • At your kitchen table
  • On your couch
  • Favorite living room chair
  • At your desk
  • Leaning against a wall
  • Upright in your ned
  • Maybe even on a bench outside
  • Your car
  • The floor
  • (on a cushion, a pile of towels, a yoga block or 3, or maybe just the edge of a step in your house.)

2. Laying down during Meditation

This ones always tricky. Many people say to me but I’ll fall alseep. Or it’s not meditating. Well if you haven’t figured out yet I think meditating looks different for all of us! And who am I to tell you to not listen to your body when maybe sleep is what you need on that day.

Here are a few awesome options beyond just lying completely flat to the ground:
  • Legs up the wall
  • Knees nocked inwards
  • Create an L shape with your legs placing them on a chair
  • Pillows / Bolster under your knees (ahhhh feels so good)
  • Your outdoor space at home

If you have ever attended an online class with me I have most likely said the following:

The two hardest parts about meditating in my opinion are:

  1. Showing Up
  2. Being Comfortable

So make your Meditation (a Pause) about comfort. Don’t create what you think you “should” do. Create your nook and make it all about you! Maybe even bring along some blankets, or put on your most comfy clothes. Create a ritual that fits you and your life. Not what others might do when they meditate.

learn more about how I started here in my post The Non-Believer. If this helps you find a little more ease in your practice I would love to see what you have come up with me! Tag  @pausewithalexis on Instagram, use the hashtag #shareyourpause so we can all become inspired and try new things!

Don’t wait to meditate alone, access free guided meditations by folowing me @pausewithalexis, or come join a Pause Community Class online from anywhere in the world.

Feel free to email me any questions to: [email protected]

With love + gratitude

Alexis G