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A gateway to a powerful mindset, unstoppable momentum, and increased revenue.

Your tool for creating the time and space you need to create a life of freedom.

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What is the Passion to Profit Bundle?

Targeted programs based on 3 principles: Mindset, Momentum, and Money. When the first two are working properly, then the money follows.

What you will receive for only $99 will blow your mind: 

  • Full access to MindShift 2.0 (valued at $249)
  • Specifically scripted and recorded by Alexis to have every woman loving life.
  • 49 Mindset audio recordings sent directly to your phone via Text Message every day (no log-in ever, we don't want you to have any reason to say no to yourself)
  • Transformative habit-building worksheets to start kicking ass every day.
  • A Private Online Community Platform with other like-minded women.
  • *5 Bonus Mindset videos from Alexis.


You'll not only understand yourself but conquer every aspect of your life.

Why P2P Bundle?


Unlocking the right mindset is the key to unleashing your full potential in business. No challenge can stand in your way when you're armed with the right mindset.


Consistently doing the right things over time will build and maintain momentum. As you get out there and become visible things will begin to grow. 


Knowing your worth as a small business owner is important because it allows you to charge what you are worth and make a profit. 

Join Passion to Profit and rewrite your daily narrative. 

Become the powerful entrepreneur, creator, and nurturer you were born to be.