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"Exciting to share...Made $1600 in commissions doing 7 hours work. 6 bookings in the past few days. Thanks for being you and showing up when you did. I might have given up. Not going to lie it wasn't easy to turn around and walk back into my vision after 4 years of ignoring what I built post covid collapse, but here I am, going again and feeling clearer than ever.... all because you showed up being YOU!!! LOVE YOUR TENACITY, BOLDNESS AND LOVE FOR YOUR CREATION. Reminding me it's possible, that I AM POSSIBLE."

— Kate @Reconnection Tours

Alexis, a seasoned entrepreneur with a 15-year track record in the competitive U.S. restaurant industry, now mentors women in business and life. 

She once owned a multi-million dollar business but chose a new path, embarking on a global quest for self-discovery. Alexis is dedicated to empowering women by encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones, challenge the status quo, and unlock their limitless potential. Her honesty and determination inspire others to create their own powerful narratives.

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"I’m so glad I trusted myself by investing my time, energy and money into working with Alexis. She helped me gain clarity into the direction my business was heading and opened my eyes to new possibilities."

— Patricia @Patricia Jamieson Celebrant

1:1 Business Mentorship

An exclusive zone tailored entirely to your goals and aspirations. 

If you seek a secure place to grow, evolve, and have a blast while achieving financial success, you're in the right spot. No limits here; I'm here to help you break through barriers and level up in record time.

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(Owner of Therapy Worx)

"As my role as a Mum was changing and I was starting a new business, I felt lost, disconnected, and overwhelmed. When I came across Alexis I felt an instant "YES" this is what "I" need. With no expectations, I jumped in and it proved to be 1000 times worthwhile. She gave me focus and clarity on so many levels. I was made accountable, cried/laughed, made to action timelines that I'd dragged my feet on, gave me the confidence to make some hard decisions, and most importantly gave me the tools to re-write the next chapter in my life. I feel I'm back kicking goals again!"


(Owner of COR Pilates)

"Alexis is one of the most empowering and supportive people I have come across. Quick to call you out on your bullshit but so caring and invested in helping to find what you're looking for inside."